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    • Czytanie i edukacja 

      Nasiłowska, Anna (Wydawnictwo PRIMUM VERBUM, 2012)
      The author points out the need to develop reading abilities at the stage of school education, arguing that literature not only perpetuates the memory of the past and preserving cultural identity, but also — and perhaps ...
    • Od redakcji 

      Unknown author (Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Łódzkiego, 2012)
    • Jak nas czytają za granicą? Ankieta 

      Grigorowa, Margreta (Wydawnictwo PRIMUM VERBUM, 2012)
      Answering questions about the functioning of Polish literature and culture in university circles in her country, Margreta Grigorowa provides detailed and precise information about the reception, impact and institutional ...
    • Czym jest dziś czytanie literatury? Ankieta 

      Iwasiów, Inga (Wydawnictwo PRIMUM VERBUM, 2012)
      According to Inga Iwasiów, today’s literature functions as a product (we read pop culture), reading is marketed and comes in a package with an interesting manproduct, namely the writer. At the same time, reading clubs ...
    • Jak nas czytają za granicą? Ankieta 

      Janiszewski, Aleksander (Wydawnictwo PRIMUM VERBUM, 2012)
      Responding to the questionnaire, the researcher discusses his interests and the specifics of Polish literature reception in the Ukrainian academic circles. He also points out the key features of Polish literature. He ...
    • Czym jest dziś czytanie literatury? Ankieta 

      Brzozowski, Jacek (Wydawnictwo PRIMUM VERBUM, 2012)
      In response to the questionnaire, Jacek Brzozowski points to his constant literary fascinations and emphasizes the value of repeated reading and reading comprehension of works which shaped him as a scholar and a man.
    • Jak nas czytają za granicą? Ankieta 

      Zhenhui, Zhang (Wydawnictwo PRIMUM VERBUM, 2012)
      In response to the questions posed in the questionnaire, the scholar discusses the interest in Polish culture in China, considering the status of Polish literature in Europe and pointing to its characteristic feature — ...
    • Czym jest dziś czytanie literatury? Ankieta 

      Sosnowski, Jerzy (Wydawnictwo PRIMUM VERBUM, 2012)
      The writer shares his personal literary preferences and choices, discussing how the books he was reading in his childhood and youth influenced his later understanding of literature. He talks about the most important books ...
    • Czym jest dziś czytanie literatury? Ankieta 

      Świerkocki, Maciej (Wydawnictwo PRIMUM VERBUM, 2012)
      Maciej Świerkocki notes that reading was and still is an exclusive and intellectual activity, an important part of education of a pragmatic society oriented on the acquisition of information. The author points out that ...
    • Czym jest dziś czytanie literatury? Ankieta 

      Mazan, Bogdan (Wydawnictwo PRIMUM VERBUM, 2012)
      When asked about the most important book in his life-long reading experience, Bogdan Mazan selects the Bible. When feeling blue, he chooses the collection This is the Day the Lord Has Made: 365 Daily Meditations (Dziś ...
    • Spowiedź dziecięcia wieku 

      Brzezińska, Martyna (Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Łódzkiego, 2012)
      The essay “Confession of a Child of the Century” attempts to diagnose the act of reading in time of the new media. The author does not try to figure out the answer but investigates the influence of technology on the ...
    • Arietta Jarosława Iwaszkiewicza 

      Wiśniewski, Jerzy (Primum Verbum, 2012)
      Arietta, written in the final months of Iwaszkiewicz’s life (1894–1980), is one of a cycle of poems Music for a String Quartet from his posthumously published volume of poetry Music in the Evening (1980). Like all the ...
    • „Poza wierszem i prozą, poza intencją i uzasadnieniem”. O granicach wierszowości w serii przypisów do utworu Zmieniał się język 

      Cieślak-Sokołowski, Tomasz (Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Łódzkiego, 2012)
      The article attempts to outline such a concept of critical reading which would take into consideration the deconstructive practice of American critics, which could be applied to the interpretation of Polish modern poetry. ...
    • Dlaczego? Kilka uwag o wierszu W kościele Jarosława Iwaszkiewicza 

      Czyżak, Agnieszka (Primum Verbum, 2012)
      The article presents an interpretation of a poem written by Jarosław Iwaszkiewicz in his old age, titled W kościele (In a Church). The poem was published in 1977 (in the volume Mapa pogody); 25 years later, it was included ...
    • O Niewygodzie 

      Pietrych, Krystyna (Primum Verbum, 2012)
      The text provides a detailed interpretation of the poem Niewygoda (Discomfort), written by Iwaszkiewicz at the end of his life, situated among other achievements of his late poetry and confronted with his diary entries. ...
    • „Trzeba to wszystko zniszczyć”. Ostatnia pieśń ze Śpiewnika włoskiego 

      Mitzner, Piotr (Primum Verbum, 2012)
      This essay discusses a controversial yet not entirely obvious aspect of Jarosław Iwaszkiewicz’s oeuvre, namely his anarchist rebellion against tradition. The line from one of the poet’s late poems quoted in the title ...
    • Przed bramą. Od alegorii do katachrezy 

      Kunz, Tomasz (Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Łódzkiego, 2012)
      The allegorical story entitled At the Gate, which appeared as the eighth chapter of Elizabeth Costello, a novel by John M. Coetzee, ostentatiously alludes to the famous parable by Franz Kafka, Before the Law. Deconstructing ...
    • Z Fredrą dyliżansem i koleją 

      Poklewska, Krystyna (Primum Verbum, 2012)
      The present paper is devoted to two little-known comedies by Aleksander Fredro: The Stagecoach (1827) and From Przemyśl to Przeszowa (1867). The interesting thing is that the main construction principle of both stories ...
    • Diariusze i ich czytelnicy. O narracyjnych aspektach pamiętnikarskich relacji z poselstwa Wojciecha Miaskowskiego do Turcji w 1640 roku 

      Bauer, Marcin (Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Łódzkiego, 2012)
      Article compares (in certain aspects of narration) three diaries written in 1640 during chamberlain of Lvov Wojciech Miaskowski's voyage to Turkey, where he was sent by the king Vladislaus IV Vasa as an envoy to the ...
    • Poetyckie powroty Tuwima do Łodzi i Inowłodza 

      Ratajska, Krystyna (Primum Verbum, 2012)
      Reflections on Julian Tuwim’s poems Podróż (Journey, 1924) and [“Ja do ciebie nie mogę, nie mogę...”] ([“I cannot, I cannot go to you ...”], 1952) focus on a common theme of a man rooted in the homeland of his childhood ...