1. Post-revisionism: Conflict (Ir)resolution and the Limits of Ambivalence in Kevin McCarthy’s Peeler
    Michael McAteer
  2. “No Country for Old Men”? The Question of George Moore’s Place in the Early Twentieth-Century Literature of Ireland
    Joanna Jarząb-Napierała
  3. Recessive Action in Colm Tóibín’s Brooklyn
    Camelia Raghinaru
  4. Masculinities, History and Cultural Space: Queer Emancipative Thought in Jamie O’Neill’s At Swim, Two Boys
    Jarosław Milewski
  5. Michael Longley and Birds
    Przemysław Michalski
  6. “Soldier Dolls, Little Adulteresses, Poor Scapegoats, Betraying Sisters and Perfect Meat”: The Gender of the Early Phase of the Troubles and the Politics of Punishments against Women in Contemporary Irish Poetry
    Katarzyna Ostalska
  7. Death of the Soldier and Immortality of War in Frank Ormsby’s A Northern Spring
    Karolina Marzec
  8. Blindness in the Beckettland of Malfunctioning
    Jadwiga Uchman
  9. Defying Maintenance Mimesis: The Case of Somewhere over the Balcony by Charabanc Theatre Company
    Katarzyna Ojrzyńska
  10. “The Heart of this People is in its right place”: The American Press and Private Charity in the United States during the Irish Famine
    Paweł Hamera
  11. The Conflicting Traditions of Portraying the Jewish People in the Chester Mystery Cycle
    Joanna Matyjaszczyk
  12. The Whittrick Play of No Nothing: Alan Spence, Edwin Morgan, and Indra’s Net
    Monika Kocot
  13. Boundaries and Otherness in Science Fiction: We Cannot Escape the Human Condition
    Isabella Hermann
  14. Art (and) Criticism: Hart Crane and David Siqueiros
    Alicja Piechucka
  15. The First Constitutional Government of the Minnesota Anishinaabeg
    Anna Krausová
  16. Oppressive Faces of Whiteness in Walter Mosley’s Devil in a Blue Dress
    Klara Szmańko
  17. The New Sentence: June Jordan and the Politics of Parataxis
    Paweł Kaczmarski
  18. Outside the Magic Circle of White Male Supremacy in the Jim Crow South: Virginia Foster Durr’s Memoirs
    Susana María Jiménez-Placer
  19. Cabeza de Vaca, Estebanico, and the Language of Diversity in Laila Lalami’s The Moor’s Account
    Zbigniew Maszewski
  20. “A past that has never been present”: The Literary Experience of Childhood and Nostalgia
    Niklas Salmose
  21. Mexican Village: Josefina Niggli’s Border Crossing Narrative
    Jadwiga Maszewska
  22. “The Most Photographed Barn in America”: Simulacra of the Sublime in American Art and Photography
    David Allen, Agata Handley
  23. The Catch of the Hyperreal: Yossarian and the Ideological Vicissitudes of Hyperreality
    Abdolali Yazdizadeh
  24. Timothy Findley, His Biographers, and The Piano Man’s Daughter
    Sherrill Grace
  25. Transvestite M(other) in the Canadian North: Isobel Gunn by Audrey Thomas
    Dorota Filipczak
  26. Songs of America: A Review of John Berryman’s Public Vision by Philip Coleman (Dublin: UCD P, 2014)
    Anna Warso, Wit Pietrzak, Katarzyna Ojrzyńska, Jan Jędrzejewski

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