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  • People, Place and Partnership: Exploring Strategies to Revitalise Town Centres 

    Hospers, Gert-Jan (Lodz Univeristy Press, 2017-08-05)
    More and more town centres in Western Europe are in decline, as indicated by growing shop vacancy rates in shopping streets. To turn the tide, decision makers look for revitalisation strategies. Are there any solutions? ...
  • Proposal for a Method of Constructing Inclusive Urban Green Infrastructure 

    Fronczek-Wojciechowska, Magdalena; Kopacz, Karolina; Padula, Gianluca; Wiśniewski, Szymon ORCID; Wojnarowska, Anna (Lodz Univeristy Press, 2017-08-05)
    Population ageing and growing awareness of the need for physical activity is one of the most important topics in Europe nowadays. But it should be noted that there is still no interdisciplinary and integrated approach to ...
  • Local Disorder and the Success of Firms in Residential Neighbourhoods 

    Mollenhorst, Gerald; Schutjens, Veronique (Lodz Univeristy Press, 2017-08-05)
    According to economic geography literature, the success of firms is affected by the local context, in particular when firms are socio-spatially embedded. We expect this effect to be stronger when firms face an increase in ...
  • Decentralization Reform in Ukraine: Assessment of the Chosen Transformation Model 

    Udovychenko, Volodymyr; Melnychuk, Anatoliy; Gnatiuk, Oleksiy; Ostapenko, Pavlo (Lodz Univeristy Press, 2017-08-05)
    Ukraine has to reform the spatial organization of power, which involves alteration of the administrative-territorial division in very difficult socio-economic and political conditions. Despite a great interest in the ...
  • Rusty Hungary: New Insights in Brownfield Research 

    Dannert, Éva; Pirisi, Gábor (Lodz Univeristy Press, 2017-08-05)
    Spatial development and planning in Hungary bear the marks of the post-socialist transformation. This is also observed in the handling of brownfields which, in the wake of political changes, increased in large numbers. In ...