Recent Submissions

  • Dataset to Project NCN PRELUDIUM 20 UMO-2021/41/N/ST4/00059 

    Biegański, Przemysław ORCID; Kowalski, Konrad ORCID (2024-05)
    Lung cancer remains a deadly disease with very limited treatment options and poor prognosis. Efforts in anti-lung cancer drugs development resulted in a discovery of the epidermal growth factor receptor thymine kinase ...
  • Elektrochemiczne sensory gazowe do detekcji nadtlenku wodoru - dataset 

    Mirceski, Valentin; Guziejewski, Dariusz (2022-01-03)
    Fast and accurate on-site detection of gaseous hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is important for improving health and environmental issues, as well as it may be a factor in the prevention of terrorist attacks. Elevated concentrations ...