1. Editorial
    Dorota Filipczak (University of Łódź)


  3. Michèle Le Doeuff's "Primal Scene": Prohibition and Confidence in the Education of a Woman
    Pamela Sue Anderson (Oxford University)
  4. “Alternative Selves” and Authority in the Fiction of Jane Urquhart
    Dorota Filipczak (University of Łódź)
  5. Who Are You Mrs Tristram Shandy, Aberratio Naturae?
    Agnieszka Łowczanin (University of Łódź)
  6. Michèle Roberts: Female Genius and The Secret Gospel of Mary Magdalene
    Alison Jasper (Stirling University)
  7. “Of all creatures women be best, / Cuius contrarium verum est": Gendered Power in Selected Late Medieval and Early Modern Texts
    Joanna Kazik (University of Łódź)
  8. “Initium ut esset, creatus est homo:” Iris Murdoch on Authority and Creativity
    Marije Altorf (St Mary’s University College, London)
  9. Let Rhoda Speak Again: Identity, Uncertainty, and Authority in Virginia Woolf’s The Waves
    Małgorzata Myk (University of Łódź)
  10. Woman and Authority in Ian McEwan’s “Conversation with a Cupboard Man” and Its Film Adaptation
    Adam Sumera (University of Łódź)
  11. Inner Strength of Female Characters in Loitering with Intent and The Public Image by Muriel Spark
    Monika Rogalińska (University of Łódź)
  12. The Poet’s “Caressive Sight:” Denise Levertov’s Transactions with Nature
    Małgorzata Poks (University of Bielsko-Biała)
  13. Women’s Power To Be Loud: The Authority of the Discourse and Authority of the Text in Mary Dorcey’s Irish Lesbian Poetic Manifesto “Come Quietly or the Neighbours Will Hear”
    Katarzyna Poloczek (University of Łódź)
  14. Writing About a Woman Writer’s Writing: On Gender Identification(s) and Being a Male Critic of Carol Shields’s Work
    Alex Ramon (Kingston University, London)
  15. Feminist Auto/biography as a Means of Empowering Women: A Case Study of Sylvia Plath’s Bell Jar and Janet Frame’s Faces in the Water
    Tomasz Fisiak (University of Łódź)


  17. Memoir and the Re-reading of Fiction: Rudy Wiebe’s of this earth and Peace Shall Destroy Many
    Paul Tiessen (Wilfrid Laurier University, Ontario)
  18. The Artist and Religion in the Contemporary World
    David Jasper (University of Glasgow)
  19. The Hidden Gaze of the Other in Michael Haneke’s Hidden
    Tomasz Dobrogoszcz (University of Łódź)
  20. The Use of Ulster Speech by Michael Longley and Tom Paulin
    Joanna Kruczkowska (University of Łódź)
  21. One, Mad Hornpipe: Dance as a Tool of Subversion in Brian Friel’s Molly Sweeney
    Katarzyna Ojrzyńska (University of Łódź)
  22. “Dichotomous Images in McEwan’s Saturday: In Pursuit of Objective Balance
    Joanna Kosmalska (University of Łódź)


  24. Tributes to Professor Andrzej Kopcewicz
    Agnieszka Salska (University of Łódź)
  25. New Media Effects on Traditional News Sources: A Review of the State of American Newspapers
    Richard Profozich (University of Łódź)
  26. Review of The Body, ed. by Ilona Dobosiewicz and Jacek Gutorow. Opole: Uniwersytet Opolski, 2009.
    Grzegorz Kość (University of Łódź)
  27. “Taste good iny?”: Images of and from Australian Indigenous Literature
    Jared Thomas speaks with Teresa Podemska-Abt (University of South Australia)
  28. Engaging the “Forbidden Texts” of Philosophy Pamela Sue Anderson talks to Alison Jasper
    Pamela Sue Anderson talks to Alison Jasper

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