1. Thirty Years after the Great Change. The Process of Social Transformation in Poland in Biographical Research Perspective(s)
Kaja Kaźmierska
2.The Experience of Systemic Transformation in Contemporary Biographical Narratives of Older Poles
Danuta Życzyńska-Ciołek
3. Life of Things from the Perspective of Polish Systemic Transformation
Renata Dopierała
4. The PPR, Systemic Transformation, and New Poland. Opportunity Structures in the Biographical Experience of Senior Social Reformers
Agnieszka Golczyńska-Grondas
5. “We Are the Poles from Former Yugoslavia.” Transformation Processes Shifted in Time—The Biographical Perspective
Rozalia Ligus
6. Migration as a Source of Suffering in the Context of the Biographical Experience of the Process of Transformation in Poland. Case Study of Weronika’s Life History
Joanna Wygnańska
7. Socio-Economic Costs of Systemic Transformation in Ukraine in the Lens of the Biographical Experiences of Ukrainian Female Migrants to Poland
Anna Dolińska
8. The Precarious Life Situation Trap. The Case of “Zealous” Julia—A Proponent and a Victim of Neoliberal Reality
Katarzyna Waniek
9. The Coping Strategies in Biographies of Polish Middle- Class Representatives of (Post)Transformation Period
Jacek Burski
10. Who Is a Right-Wing Supporter? On the Biographical Experiences of Young Right-Wing Voters in Poland and Germany
Adam Mrozowicki, Vera Trappmann, Alexandra Seehaus, Justyna Kajta
11. Winners and Losers of the Process of Transformation as an Etic Category versus Emic Biographical Perspective
Kaja Kaźmierska
12. Narrative Agency and Structural Chaos. A Biographical-Narrative Case Study
Piotr Filipkowski

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