Editorial Note

  1. Consumer behaviour during economic crisis in an overdeveloped economy
    Søren Heede
  2. Reforms of the economic system - introduction to the functionnning of Polish economy
    Jerzy Dietl
  3. Service marketing theory: a critical appraisal
    Jerker Nilsson
  4. Organizational design for product innovation under uncertainty
    Toro Kristensen
  5. The use of a semantic understanding of communication in the developing of a typologization of advertisements
    Christian Alsted
  6. Pricing and product development strategy. Some remarks on contemporary marketing-mix concepts
    Andrzej Banasiak
  7. Consumer needs of households and propensity to satisfy them in conditions of crisis
    Stanisław Gajewski
  8. Working and living conditions of agricultural population in the light of empirical studies
    Jerzy Dietl, Bogdan Gregor
  9. On the reliability of image and psychographic analyses. An application of dual scaling
    Hans Solgaard
  10. The buying behaviour in the furniture industry
    Per Freytag, Orla Nielsen
  11. Distribution of industrial products in Poland
    Teresa Jaworska
  12. Industrial buying behaviour in wood processing industry in Poland - a case study
    Tomasz Domański, Elżbieta Guzek
  13. Concept and role of private enterprise and entrepreneurship in centrally planned economy
    Tomasz Domański
  14. Consumption and trade in centrally-planned and market-oriented economies (Polish and German experience)
    Jerzy Dietl,Krystyna Iwińska-Knop
  15. Motivation system in Polish trade - current experience and conditions of its improvement
    Elżbieta Guzek
  16. Relations and effectiveness of utilization of production factors in Polish agriculture
    Bogdan Gregor

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