1. “…a Gentle Calm and Happy Resurrection” – Theological and Folk-religious Backgrounds of Crypt Burials
Regina Ströbl, Andreas Ströbl
2. Burial Crypts and Vaults in Britain and Ireland: a Biographical Approach
Harold Mytum
3. Modern Wooden Coffins – A Biography of Things
Magdalena Majorek
4. Rich or Modest – Analysis and Reconstruction of the Appearance of a Child’s Coffin from 1779 from the Church of St. Nicholas in Gniew (Pomerania Province, Poland)
Karolina Kolaska, Jakub Michalik, Małgorzata Grupa
5. Crypt Burials from the Cloister Church of Riesa (Germany) – Changes of Funerary Customs, Body Treatment, and Attitudes to Death
Amelie Alterauge, Cornelia Hofmann
6. Research in the Crypts of the Church of Saint Francis of Assisi in Cracow
Anna Drążkowska
7. The Fate of the Remains and Funerary Equipment of Czech Rulers and Their Family Members
Milena Bravermanová, Helena Březinová
8. Functional Analysis of Garments in 18th Century Burials from St. Michael’s Crypt in Vienna, Austria
Karina Grömer, Michael Ullermann
9. Open-back Shoes from the Southern Crypt in Piaseczno, Pomerania Province
Aleksandra Kulesz, Małgorzata Grupa
10. Modern Shoe Buckles from Archaeological Research in Gniew and Piaseczno (Pomerania Province, Poland)
Aleksandra Kulesz, Jakub Michalik
11. The Saint Benedict Cross or the Saint Benedict Medal Based on a Find from Archaeological Research in Gniew (Pomerania Province)
Jakub Michalik
12. Temperature and Humidity in the Base-floors of Three Northern Finnish Churches Containing 17th–19th-century Burials
Tiina Väre, Annemari Tranberg, Sanna Lipkin, Titta Kallio-Seppä, Lauri Väre, Juho-Antti Junno, Sirpa Niinimäki, Nora Nurminen, Anniina Kuha
13. A Few Words About the Ice House of the Konsum Store in the Nineteenth-Century Priest’s Mill Factory and Residential Complex in Łódź
Janusz Pietrzak
14. The Use of Chemical Weapons on the Eastern Front of World War One (1915) and its Material and Discursive Remains – the Challenge and Stimuli for Attentive Travel, Systematizing, Storage, Connecting, in situ Preservation and Making Public Real Virtual and Digital Heritage of Weapons of Mass Destruction
Anna Izbaella Zalewska

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