1. Foreword
Szymon Wiśniewski
2.Containerisation in the Baltic Sea region: development, characteristics and contemporary organisation
Arnaud Serry
3. Relative accessibility of district centres in Slovakia by public transport in 2003 and 2017
Daniel Michniak, Vladimír Székely
4. Travel behaviour in a post-socialist city
Adam Radzimski, Jędrzej Gadziński
5. Transformations of urban electric transport in Ukraine after 1991 in the view of transport policy
Ivan Rudakevych, Sławomir Sitek, Andrzej Soczówka
6. Geographic features of zero-emissions urban mobility: the case of electric buses in Europe and Belarus
Andrei Bezruchonak
7. Inter-provincial migration in Italy: a comparison between Italians and foreigners
Oliviero Casacchia, Cecilia Reynaud, Salvatore Strozza, Enrico Tucci
8. Why do skilled people migrate to cities? A spatial econometric analysis for understanding the impact of the social environment on the attraction of human capital to cities in Turkey
Dilcu Gonul, Gulden Erkut
9. Geographical, historical and political conditions of ongoing and potential ethnic conflicts in Central and Eastern Europe
Marek Barwiński
10. Identities with historical regions – are they adapting to modern administrative division? The case of Ukraine
Oleksiy Gnatiuk, Anatoliy Melnychuk
11. Dynamic spatial panel data models in identifying socio-economic factors affecting the level of health in selected European countries
Agnieszka Orwat-Acedańska
12. Carlo Gianelle, Dimitris Kiriakou, Caroline Cohen, Marek Przeor (eds.) (2016), "Implementing Smart Specialisation Strategies. A Handbook", Brussels: European Commission
Teemu Haukioja, Jouni Kaipainen, Jari Kaivo-Oja, Ari Karppinen, Katja Laitinen, Jari Stenvall, Saku Vähäsantanen

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