1. Labour market as determinant of functioning of local production systems – the case of Lodzkie Region and Novosibirsk Oblast
Łukasz Arendt
2. Biomass local production systems and their managing – alternative to rural development in Slovakia
Stanislav Kološta, Filip Flaška
3. The Comparison of Innovative and Strategic Priorities of Small and Large Companies in Russian local production systems
Svetlana Kuznetsova
4. Spatial concentration of industry and local production systems in Ukraine
Ihor Lishchynskyy
5. Marketing strategy of apparel and textile cluster in southwest region of Bulgaria
Galina Mladenova
6. New idea of building regional innovative capacities – smart specializations
Aleksandra Ewa Nowakowska
7. Industrial symbiosis in European policy: overview of recent progress
Katarína Petríková, Kamila Borseková, Inna Blam
8. Public-social partnership for enhancing the value of human capital in local production systems. Lodz Region case study
Zbigniew Przygodzki
9. Educational policy of universities and the needs of local production systems
Agnieszka Ewa Rzeńca
10. Regional Tourist Organisation of the Łódź Voivodeship and its role in the processes of tourism-based local production systems’ development
Piotr Krzysztof Rzeńca
11. Determinants, level and dynamics of the service sector development in Lodz
Danuta Stawasz
12. Demographic and functional potential of the Novosibirsk urban region in Russian Federation. A case study of transformations using the directional profile method
Paulina Tobiasz-Lis, Marcin Wójcik
13. Position of leading corporations: empirical evidence from Russian economy
Almira Yusupova

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