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    • Impact of Technology Acceptance by Employees on Hotel Competitiveness 

      Bahar, Mehmet; Leśniewska-Napierała, Katarzyna; Napierała, Tomasz; Topsakal, Yunus (Mersin University, 2019)
      The main goal of the paper is to identify technology acceptance by employees of 5-star hotels located in Antalya region (Turkey), and to investigate its impact on hotel competitiveness. Selection of research area was ...
    • Sustainable tourism development towards spatial justice: Evidence from Masłomęcz, Poland 

      Leśniewska-Napierała, Katarzyna; Napierała, Tomasz; Tobiasz-Lis, Paulina; Wójcik, Marcin (Mersin University, 2019)
      Since 1980s tourism related academia, institutions and organizations (including United Nations), and business practice have focused on the relationship between tourism and sustainable development. Environmental, social, ...
    • Towards More and Better: Geographical Factors of Hotel Online Ratings 

      Napierała, Tomasz; Leśniewska-Napierała, Katarzyna (Mersin University, 2019)
      Aim: The aim of this enquiry is to determine the impact of various geographical factors on the rating and popularity of hotels in selected social media The criteria for the selection of mentioned social media were their ...