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Rynek usług pocztowych w Polsce u progu jego pełnej liberalizacji

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Tytuł: Rynek usług pocztowych w Polsce u progu jego pełnej liberalizacji
Autor: Papiernik-Wojdera, Marzena; Matuszewska-Pierzynka, Agnieszka
Streszczenie: Postal services market in Poland has been liberalising for several years. It manifests itself through reduction of reserved area (market which is reserved for the public postal operator) and through increasing of the number of private postal operators. But these changes didn't have a major impact on the transformation of the Polish postal market. This market is regulated by a government appointed body and position of public postal operator – Poczta Polska SA – is protected by law. According to the European Directive opening up the postal market to the competition, by 1 January 2011 Poland must implement new Postal Law. New law will change, among other things, organizational and financial conditions of business activity of Poczta Polska SA. Taking into consideration the fact that the current financial standing of the Polish public postal operator is difficult, it should be underlined that Poczta Polska SA will be forced to take radical restructuring action. The main purpose of this article is to recognize the situation in the postal services market in Poland in the context of its full liberalisation and opening to the competition. The partial goals of this article are as follows: – to give an overview of the postal services market in Poland, – to show prospects of changes of this market in the face of EU Directives implementation, – to present the situation and purpose of Poczta Polska SA in the context of full liberalisation of the postal services market.
Data: 2011

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