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Innovations in the Agricultural Sector

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Tytuł: Innovations in the Agricultural Sector
Autor: Zrobek, Janusz
Streszczenie: The aim of this paper is to show the impact and significance of innovation in agriculture. Its economic development takes place when innovation solutions based on knowledge and modern technologies are implemented and intensified. Innovations in agriculture encompass a number of operational fields: resource management, soil protection, cultivation processes, biodiversity protection, ecological cultivation and production of bioenergy. The demand for agricultural innovations in different localities may vary, therefore there is a need to bring together the local requirements through utilisation of a multitude of possibilities in a variety of ways, adjustment adaption capability and conditions of a particular rural environment. There is also a need to emphasise the strong integration of innovations in agriculture with other sectors of the economy, which is translated into the acquisition of new solutions and the introduction of innovations that encourage adjustment and the capability to cooperate as well as the application of modern technologies in the economy. Innovative activities that solve problems become the main stimulant to a dynamic economy in agriculture, allowing the most beneficial implementation of its potential. This article has been divided into three parts, in the first, the author conducts a theoretical deliberation on the agricultural sector. The second part presents the conditions for innovation processes in this sector and the third, ‘Innovative tendencies in the development of agriculture’, includes the areas of innovative change in agriculture.
Data: 2013

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