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Wznowienie stosunków dyplomatycznych polsko-szwedzkich u progu obrad Sejmu Czteroletniego

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Tytuł: Wznowienie stosunków dyplomatycznych polsko-szwedzkich u progu obrad Sejmu Czteroletniego
Autor: Anusik, Zbigniew
Streszczenie: After 1772 Polish-Swedish relations were very neglected. The change in Swedish foreign policy in the eighties (Sweden looked for an ally against Russia) was a reason that Gustavus III turned his attention towards Polish affairs. After a short period of being informed about the events in Poland by K. H. Heyking, a nonleman from Curland who was staying in Warsaw, the Court of Stockholm sent to Poland its own emissary. In January of 1788 Lars von Engeström came to Polish Republic. He was a special legate of Gustavus III and his main task was to observe the political situation in this country. He was a devotee for Swedish-Prussian alliance. Engeström also saw Poland in this (never realized) political agreement. After the beginning of Russo-Swedish war (June-July 1788) Engeström became temporarily persona non grata at Polish Court, but at the same time he came into contact with the leaders of Stanislas Augustus opponents. In August of 1788 Lars von Engeström was appointed to a post of minister resident to Polish king. Next he aimed at sending the Polish envoy to Stockholm. However Stanislas Augustus objected to consolidate relations with the country which fought with Russia (the king was concerned that sending such a mission in such circumstances would be treated as an act of open hostility in St. Petersburg). In spile of this on the tourn of November and December 1788 first demands of sending Polish envoy to Stockholm appeared. The same problem was also discussed on many sessions of the Diet in December 1788, January, February and March 1789. At the beginning of March 1789 Stanislas Augustus was forced to promise a nomination of Polish envoy to Stockholm. But only on 21st of April 1789 the „patriotic” majority of the Diet achieved the nomination for the Stockholm post for the starosta of Tłumacz - Jerzy Michał (George Michael) Potocki, a brother of one of the leaders of the Diet - Ignacy. On 23rd of June a new minister obtained his ministerial instructions from the Deputation of Foreign Affairs of the Diet, but for Stockholm. That was the first step to consolidate Polish-Swedish relations.
Data: 1993

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