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W kwestii pochodzenia Sulimów łęczyckich

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Tytuł: W kwestii pochodzenia Sulimów łęczyckich
Autor: Pietras, Tomasz
Streszczenie: The Sulimas were the Polish knight family, not very large, but well known because of Zawisza the Black, the most famous Polish knight. The Sulimas lived in Major and Minor Poland, in Silesia, in Cuiavia, in Masovia, in the Łęczyca land and in Ruthenia in XIVth and XVth centuries. In this article there are analysed origins of the family and political circumstances of its migration to the other parts of Polish territory. The name of “Sulima” probably derives from the village, which was the seat of the family ancestors, located in the Gniezno district or in the Sieradz district. The Sulimas began political splits and migration (circa 1150-1250) because of the domestic wars, which were waged between the members of the Piast dynasty. The ancestor of the Sulima family lived in Major Poland in the half of the XIIth century. In the same time this family probably lived in Minor Poland and in Silesia. Budzisław son of Strzeszek, the ancestor of the lineage who lived in the Łęczyca land, was probably an offi cial of Prince Konrad of Masovia and his sons (about the half of the XIIIth centrury). Budzisław`s family came from Minor Poland. The name “Sulima”, which was used in Major Poland for the fi rst time, was known also in other parts of Poland in the turn of XIVth century. This name was mentioned in a written source in 1397. The coat of arms, mentioned in 1325, came from the Gamrat family who lived in Minor Poland. The half-eagle was of black colour. It is possible Zawisza the Black modifi ed its colour at the beginning of the XVth century. He wanted his coat of arms to become similar to Sigismund of Luxembourg` coat of arms.
Data: 2008

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