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    • Weak n-Ary Relational Products in Allegories 

      Zieliński, Bartosz; Maślanka, Paweł (MDPI AG, 2014)
      Allegories are enriched categories generalizing a category of sets and binary relations. Accordingly, relational products in an allegory can be viewed as a generalization of Cartesian products. There are several definitions ...
    • β decay of 6He into the α+d continuum 

      Pfutzner, M.; Dominik, W.; Janas, Z.; Mazzocchi, C.; Pomorski, M.; Bezbakh, A. A.; Borge, M. J. G.; Chrapkiewicz, K.; Chudoba, V.; Frederickx, R.; Kaminski, G.; Kowalska, M.; Krupko, S.; Kuich, M.; Kurcewicz, J.; Lis, A. A.; Lund, M. V.; Miernik, K.; Perkowski, J.; Raabe, R.; Randisi, G.; Riisager, K.; Sambi, S.; Tengblad, O.; Wenander, F. (American Physical Society, 2015)
      The rare β-decay channel of 6He into the α+d continuum was investigated at the REX-ISOLDE facility. Bunches of postaccelerated 6He ions were implanted into the optical time projection chamber (OTPC), where the decays with ...