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  • Przemysł ziemiański guberni siedleckiej w latach 1879–1913 

    Puś, Wiesław (Interdyscyplinarny Zespół Badania Wsi UŁ, 2014)
    Based on the statistics from censuses of industrial plants for the years 1879, 1900, 1904, 1913, author presented the development of the industry in the province of Siedlce estates of the landed gentry. Agricultural ...
  • O budownictwie nie tylko przemysłowym 

    Kajzer, Leszek (Interdyscyplinarny Zespół Badania Wsi UŁ, 2014)
    A significant part of youthful professional activity of the learned Addressee of this volume, Mr Władysław Baranowski, called Sławek by friends, was connected with working on and writing subsequent journals of series ...
  • Inwentarz majątku ruchomego burmistrza sieradzkiego Piotra Zamojskiego z 1581 r. 

    Szymczak, Alicja; Szymczak, Jan (Interdyscyplinarny Zespół Badania Wsi UŁ, 2014)
    Piotr Zamojski, a nobleman and a Sieradz burgehr (nobilis et famatus) was one of the most notable Sieradz citizens in the second part of the 16th century. He was a juror (1570–1572), a councilor (1575/1576), a landvogt ...
  • O archeologicznej fascynacji skansenami czyli o ginącym świecie przedmiotów 

    Marciniak-Kajzer, Anna (Interdyscyplinarny Zespół Badania Wsi UŁ, 2014)
    In the Polish archeology the research on the countryside from fully historical times (i.e. from the medieval times up till now) has been purely incidental. Actually, it was only the Lower Silesia Region that was fully ...
  • Tajemnicza roślina kinara, a zatem o antycznych karczochach i kardach 

    Kokoszko, Maciej; Jagusiak, Krzysztof; Rzeźnicka, Zofia (Interdyscyplinarny Zespół Badania Wsi UŁ, 2014)
    The article focuses of the history, dietetic, culinary and medical applications of the plant which was called kínara in Greek. The analyzed data suggest that the above-mentioned edible was a wild-growing thistle classified ...

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